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welcome to the lumen series 3

listening. Learning. Illuminating.3

The Start

The Lumen Series was borne out a desire to become more knowledgeable and helpful neighbours and allies for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty in Edmonton. Having volunteered with organizations like The Mustard Seed, The Bissell Centre, and Homeless Connect, we hope to go beyond facilitating these services and truly get to know the members of our community.

What we do

We walk around downtown Edmonton and chat with community members, be it about their current realities or their most fond memories. With the consent of each individual, these interviews are recorded, transcribed, and shared (along with photos) here on our website. 

Our Goal

Our mission is to learn and provide a platform for the diverse histories and perspectives of individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty in Edmonton. Through sharing these lived experiences, we hope to dispel stigma and generate greater empathy and support for these members of our community.

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