Yesmine Elloumi - Founder

Yesmine is a first-year medical student at the University of Alberta and a longtime volunteer in Edmonton's inner-city. From her volunteer experience, she discovered two things: the power of a mindful listener and the richness of life that existed within the community. The project was born out of her frustration with how little certain stories in our city were valued and thus, heard. For her, these were the stories of Edmonton's inner city.  She wanted to start this project to have and share mindful, deep conversations with the same people she served and to take photos of them to accompany their story. The honest, illuminating conversations Yesmine shared with community members during her time volunteering are what spurred the creation of The Lumen Series.

Natalie Czuczman - Photographer

Natalie is a second-year medical student at the Cumming School of Medicine and a longtime resident of downtown Edmonton. Having lived in the community for so long, she wanted to truly get to know her neighbours and The Lumen Series offered an incredible opportunity to do just that. Through interviewing community members, she hopes to improve her allyship for residents while encouraging others to do the same.