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June 29, 2018


We set out on our first day of interviewing around mid-day. It was the type of afternoon that makes you immediately sticky. As we made our way down 106th ave, the prospect of asking people to share their stories brought equal amounts of excitement and apprehension. Would anyone want to ? And who were we to interrupt their days with our questions 


"I don’t really like being an asshole. You know how you say, 'Well they might be an asshole but we don’t have to change and be like them'- right? Fuck. It’s also that you have to work at being good, don’t ya? Except for me."

"There’re a lot of people that say 'let it out' and then other people say 'don’t cry'. I like to let it out. I could be walking down the street and crying and I don’t care what they think. That’s me, it’s not them. They don’t know me. So, screw them."


Do you have someone you can talk to?


"No. Hardly anybody. "(crying)


"'Be yourself!', that’s what I tell people. Be yourself. It’s like lying. You can lie but you can’t keep up a lie. Always be helpful, open-minded, a lil' tough; sometimes tough love is all worth it."


"It’s just been a while since I talked to anybody that’s not really, experienced, right? Living on the street is like a job. You gotta be on the ball or you’ll get fucked up. Or robbed or asking the wrong questions or too many questions or staring at somebody."

Is there one life skill that you learned and you use still? Or one that’s your favourite?


"I don’t know? That life is only going to get worse."


They taught you that?


"No. That’s what I feel and I believe. You’ve seen a lot of movies right? World coming to an end and everybody screwing each other up? Some people think about it more. Some people every day.

But, we all gotta stick together. If you’re a decent person you gotta make the best and the most of it. Because I do like people, you know, I’ll back them up, cause if you’re all fucked up and shit. It’s weak minded. I know a lot of smart people. Well I guess -  if they’re really smart they wouldn’t do it all, but hey, nobody’s perfect."

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